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The most common type of brakes supplied on modern cars are single-piston floating caliper. When the brake pedal is applied, this pushes a piston, with the pad attached, against the rotating disk. Most cars have these disks on the front, but heavier, and performance cars usually have a set of four.


The disk is usually made of cast iron and can come in a variety of sizes (commonly measured in mm) and have a variety of styles that improve cooling under heavy braking. When the brake is applied for long periods and excessively, the disk can heats to temperatures of 1300 degrees F. When this happens, the brakes will perform frictional brake fade which decreases the effectiveness when the brakes are applied. Another side effect of this excessive temperature is the possibility of 'warped disks', with the high temperature, the metal softens and moulds out of shape.

We can provide disk replacements with either geniune manufacturer parts to maintain your warranty at a fraction of the manufacturers labour and part charges, or can provide a cost saving aftermarket alternative of the same size.


Grooved and drilled disks are a alternative to help maintain lower brake temperatures under heavier braking. These are scores and holes specially placed into the disks that allow air to flow through and maintain a lower braking temperature. Many aftermarket dealers offer a range of alternate grooved or dilled pads, also allowing for the more expensive 'grooved and drilled'.