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The brake calipers is an assembly for holding both the brake pads and pistons that push the pads onto the discs. There are two main types of brake calipers:


The fixed calipers don't move in relation to the disc, this makes them more noticable with disc and pad imperfections, for example Warped discs. It uses pair(s) of pistons to force the pad to make contact with the disc and beginning the kinetic to thermal energy conversion to slow the vehicle down.


The floating caliper moves in relation to the disc. There is only one piston on the floating caliper and is used to push the brake pad against the disc, then pulls the caliper body with the outer pad into contact with disc.

At MGM, we can provide routine maintenance for not only the calipers, but the brake lines that accompany them. If you have experienced a sticky brake, some pedal travel or judder why not book in for a checkup.


As most manufacturers provide standard calipers with one or a pair of pistons this can provide adequate stopping power for the car they have been designed for, there are aftermarket manufacturers who can provide largers calipers which will support largers brake disks & pads, these can also house 4-pot (four pistons) or even 6-pot (six piston) slots for improved braking.